A Separation – 2011


If there is one recent film that stands out in script execution and acting it is, The Separation. Asghar Farhadi’s depiction of a teenage girl trapped in the web of confusion created by her parents who themselves are torn between opportunity & responsibility is flawless and poignant reminder, of a typical situation prevalent in alot the developing World.

While the son/ Father wants to stay back home and care for his ailing father/grand father, his wife /Mother wants to move abroad in search of better prospects for especially, their teenage daughter. In between all this is plight of a poor lady who temps as housemaid. She is trapped between urge to lie out of necessity & being true to her faith.

Through this maze of complexity we get to closely study & understand Iranian society.

What each one chooses forms the crux of this wonderfully woven tale. For those who haven’t seen this film, it is never to late.

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch this well crafted Masterpiece on Netflix, Voddler or wherever.

Watch trailer here.



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